THE UUSF CENTER IS OPEN!!! Join us in-person or online every Sunday at 11am. Vaccination and masks required for all in-peson attendees. You can watch our Sunday Service each week on our YouTube Channel.

October 2021 Worship Services

Trip back to “Life in the Monastery”

Sunday, October 3, 11:00am


This Sunday we will go back to week six of the stay-at-home order and the reflections and experience in that moment. It’s a time to remember where we were, and an invitation to reflect on how life was in “The Monastery” or however we framed and understood this last 19 months and our journey through it.

The Installation of Rev. Vanessa Rush Southern

Sunday, October 3, 3:00pm
Sermon "Higher Love"
with Rev. Elizabeth Lerner Maclay


This is a sermon (Higher Love) about where this ministry together takes us and some of what we learn along the way. Our preacher, the Rev. Elizabeth Lerner Maclay, is the Senior Minister of the First Unitarian Church of Providence, RI. Rev. Maclay has been in Providence since 2017 in a congregation that first gathered in 1720! Rev. Maclay played a central role while serving in Maryland for the successful passage of that state's Marriage Equality legislation, as well as their DREAM Act and their repeal of the death penalty. In Providence she has led the organizing of faith communities for gun control and worked during this pandemic with other faith leaders, particularly Black religious leaders, to found and co-lead Faith in Science, promoting equity of vaccine access and uptake for people of color in Rhode Island. 

"Who is Earth to Me?"

Sunday, October 10, 11:00am
Rev. Vanessa Rush Southern, Senior Minister


Robin Wall Kimmerer in her book "Braiding Sweetgrass" opens with a simple description of this act of weaving, braiding the supple green stalks of a plant, but what unfolds is layers of relationship and story and a paradigm that has saving grace.

"Right Thinking, Right Feeling and Right Relations"

Sunday, October 17, 11:00am
Rev. Vanessa Rush Southern, Senior Minister


Twins and co-authors of a recent book "Burnout", Emiliy and Amelia Nagoski talk about patterns of thinking and dealing with stress that lead to burnout. However, they also go deeper, to patterns of thinking, feeling and being in relationship that undermine our own and one another's health, joy and, I'd say, derail us on the journey to Beloved Community. In our work to hold ourselves accountable for the proposed 8th Principle of Unitarian Universalism, they offer some very tangible ways we can untangle from problematic habits of heart and mind! 

“The Land of Memory”

Sunday, October 24, 11:00am
Rev. Alyson Jacks, Associate Minister


The artist Etal Adnan wrote that her memories were like a forest with unstable boundaries. Adnan was born in Lebanon, lived in France, then moved to California, living at the base of Mount Tamalpais, where she wrote and painted for many years. Her paintings were a way to explore memories and make meaning of them. Navigating the land of memory can be complex and challenging. But it can lead us into a deeper understanding of who we are, and how to live more fully into our lives as we make our way forward.

"The Costumes We Wear"

Sunday, October 31, 11:00am
Rev. Vanessa Rush Southern, Senior Minister


Join us for a Sunday all about disguises.