Art Committee


Chair: Paul Kensinger

Phone: 415-467-9337

Meets: First Tuesday of the month, 7:15 PM.

The Annual Group Art Show is once again going Viral!

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UUSF Members, Family and Friends are invited to submit to the Virtual Group Art Show– 2021-2022 Submissions are NOW! and are due ASAP! Please submit just one photo of your piece for Group Show.  All additional artwork or angles you want to display should be linked to your Instagram, Facebook or website link


For the months of August & September 2021 the Art Committee is pleased to virtually present: 

Barbara and Gordon Sizelove 


Reception TBA

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Barbara Sizelove

Sale Inquiries: Email to be connected with an artist.

Barbara Sizelove is a graduate of The San Francisco Art Institue with a BFA in painting. She has also spent 16 years printing at Fort Mason with City College. Linocut, monoprint, painting and drawing with dry pastels are her current mediums of expression.


This ongoing serries was conceived while walking the steets of San Francisco during the pandemic and in regular life. I am inspired by urban architecture and the city scape as it relates to groups of buildings. I enjoy creating a mood or persona that describes a building. I do this with color, angle, sharpness of image, pattern, scale, perspective, dark, and light.


Gordon Sizelove

Sale Inquiries: Email to be connected with an artist.

My aim in painting is to enhance consciousness and the pleasure of being alive. Fascinated by color, I am interested in perception. Enthralled by ideas and emotions, I am interested in beauty. I find art to be an expression of culture and consciousness. Paul Cezanne said, “Color is a collaboration of the mind and the world.” My artwork is about color, beauty, and consciousness. It is also about perception, emotion, and culture.


In my artwork I create something real about an image that, hopefully, raises one’s awareness. My approach is to present an image as simply what it is; an image. I strive to make my colors come alive in the mind’s eye. I want my art to allow the viewer to question what they see and to think about meaning. I would like a person to be aware of their own role in creating the experience of the artwork. I hope that people are able to see freedom and creativity in my work.


A painting or drawing presents an image that was created in time, yet it remains unchanged, as it travels through time. What changes is the viewer’s relationship with the image through observation, experience and appreciation. The painting doesn’t move, but, using one’s eyes, the mind moves. Painting, for me, is a way to express feelings, thoughts, imagination, and dreams. I use color and form in contrasting and dynamic ways to unify a composition. I appeal to the universal in art.