Community Grants 


In keeping with our mission, the Society for Community Work gives grants to organizations in the community who provide services in keeping with our values. The SCW Community Grants Committee is responsible for choosing these organizations. 


In the current schedule, the Committee will receive grant requests in the early fall; the membership will approve proposed grants in October or November. The grants will be distributed the following year, usually starting in January. 


Every organization, which applies for a grant must provide certain documentation: 

  • proof of their nonprofit status,

  • annual budget and expenditure reports, and

  • annual report or a detailed description of their activities. 


The Committee seeks to provide funding to organizations addressing several  categories of issues, such as  services for women and children, disability and aging issues, homeless services, support for high school students reaching towards college education, prison rehabilitation, and ecology.  In making our selection, we consider the need for the services provided, the uniqueness of the service, and the amount of difference receiving a small grant would make to the organization.


If you are interested in proposing an organization for support or if you yourself are an organization interested in applying for a grant, you may currently contact  


The Society for Community Work is pleased to announce that small grants in the amounts of $500 to $5,000 are available to nonprofit groups working to enhance our community, with funds to be distributed January, 2022. 


We need your proposal by Friday, September 30, 2021. To complete a form online please click here.


Please send mail to:

SCW Community Grants

630 Lexington Ave

El Cerrito, CA 94530



Past SCW Sponsorship Approved Grants Include: