Nominating Committee


Chair: Kathleen Quenneville

Phone: 510-208-5112



The Nominating Committee is charged in the Society’s Bylaws to nominate candidates for the Board of Trustees and for the Nominating Committee itself.


Members of the committee are elected to staggered two-year terms at the Annual Meeting each June. Current members

are Susan Anthony, Sam King, Megan Lehmer, Judith Ottoson, Kathleen Quenneville (chair), Melvin Starks, and Galen Workman.


The committee, in addition to identifying candidates for the UUSF Board of Trustees and Nominating Committee, is active in seeking out, empowering, and supporting lay leaders for roles throughout the church community. We are also gathering input from our ministers, staff, and committee leaders to find out what particular roles and skills are currently needed.
This year-round leadership development effort includes outreach to members and friends to learn what type of volunteer activity at UUSF would make them feel fulfilled, useful, and excited. 


Every Sunday, as part of this effort, members of the Nominating Committee circulate through the coffee hour engaging visitors and members alike, answering questions, and finding out more about each person’s interests. 


Sometimes we set up coffee meetings with people we don’t know well. Likewise, we encourage members and friends to contact any member of the Nominating Committee to discuss their ideas and interests.


What the Nominating Committee wants to know is “How would you love to make a difference in our UUSF community?” Do you have a special skill that would be valuable to one of the many committees and groups?  Or would you prefer to help in an area that is not related to your professional or acquired skills? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to teach children in the Religious Education program, or maybe relax by weeding the planters in the courtyard. The possibilities for your particular gifts and energies are almost endless in this exuberant community.