Pastoral Care Ministries

The work of supporting the well being of our community.

Please contact the Lay Chaplains for more info:


Cards of Care, Cards of Gratitude

On the Second Sunday of each month there is a table in the gallery with blank cards. You can write a card to a congregation member you know is ill or who hasn’t been around church lately, for example. Or perhaps you want to write a card thanking a volunteer or staff member for a service or activity or for just being kind! We’ll stamp and mail them.

M2M Visiting Teams

This member-to-member care program offers you the opportunity to visit someone who is recovering from illness or surgery or otherwise less mobile and welcoming visits. The commitment is to visit once per month as part of a rotation of team members or more often as determined by the program leadership in relation to your availability and the individual’s needs. Training and on-going support offered to participants.  

Helping Hands

This is our practical support ministry. The city and environs are divided into areas and each has a church member who maintains a list of church members willing to make an occasional meal or give a ride or teach how to send an email, etc.  When a member has a need they call their area coordinator and ask. We do our best to meet these practical needs!

Lay Chaplains

When a church member has an urgent need for pastoral support one of our ministers will most often be the one to respond. Sometimes they will ask a lay chaplain to make a visit or two, extending the reach of our professional pastoral ministry when necessary. They may also be asked to participate in rites of passage in support roles and the traditional “other duties as assigned”! 


Read the Lay Chaplains' Code of Ethics (here)

Prayer Shawl Ministry

This ministry focuses on creating prayer shawls and lap blankets to warm the bodies, hearts, minds and spirits of those needing some extra t.l.c. and support in a challenging time.

Health Education and Advocacy Response Team (HEART)

Our Health Education and Advocacy Response Team is new and has begun sharing the gift of offering blood pressure checks on the Second Sunday each month after the service. They are also preparing to be available to help people understand "medicaleese", that information that your healthcare may provide that you need help understanding. In some cases they will be available to church members to accompany them to medical visits as advocates. Educational workshops will also be given from time to time at the church.

Other Pastoral Care Ministry Offering

From time to time we offer workshops and trainings relevant to the care needs of our congregants and others. Keep in touch with these through the church weekly “Flame”, and our monthly “First News”, both of which you can receive via email. Contact for more information.

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