Social Justice Ministries

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Human Rights

The Human Rights Working Group has two major areas of concern: Immigration and Ending Racism. Our major campaign is Close the Camps, witnessing against detention centers, the separation of asylum-seeking families, and indefinite detention of children.

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Economic Justice

The Economic Justice Working Group has two major areas of concern: workers’ rights and affordable housing.


UUSF is a participant in Winter Shelter, a program of the San Francisco Interfaith Council, which provides shelter for homeless people during the coldest and rainiest months of the year.

UUSF is a participant in Interfaith Food Pantry in which congregations take turns sponsoring and staffing a weekly food distribution for people in need.

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More Social Justice Ministries

These groups span multiple focus areas.

Forum - offers powerful presentations that provide deeper understanding of the issues of our time

Rheiner Committee - recognizes members of the congregation for social justice activism and community service

Sensible Cinema - provides informative and provocative films that speak to issues of social justice

UU Service Committee - represents the work of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee to the congregation

The Society for Community Work, an affiliated activity within UUSF, awards annual scholarships and community grants to help balance the scales of economic justice in the Bay Area.

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Social Justice Council

The purpose of the Society's Social Justice Council is to coordinate efforts to realize the social justice dimension of the Society’s mission.