Rev. Vanessa Rush Southern

Info: Rev. Vanessa Rush Southern, Senior Minister, 415-776-4580 x132,

 About Vanessa

Vanessa Southern was born in Kansas, lived in Los Angeles until she was 8, then moved to New York City, living for the first couple of years a stone's throw from the Stonewall Bar and Christopher Park.  She did her undergraduate work at Stanford University in the religion and philosophy departments, and her professional training at  Harvard Divinity School. Vanessa has served congregations in Boston, Washington DC, Cherry Hill, New Jersey and was from the summer of 2001 until 2014 the Senior Minister of The Unitarian Church in Summit, New Jersey (now Beacon UU Congregation in Summit). 


In 2015 Vanessa and her family moved to Mumbai, India for two years while her husband opened the office of The Bridgespan Group, an organization that serves mission-driven organizations and philanthropists maximize their impact, and while they reconnected with their family there.  She began her ministry at The First UU Society of San Francisco in July of 2017 following the retirement of her mentor and former pastor, The Rev. John A. Buehrens. 


Vanessa is the author of This Piece of Eden and Miles of Dream, both published by Skinner House Press, and is part of numerous other anthologies.  She has been published in The Dallas Morning News, Scroll India, and Woman's Day Magazine and was the 2013 Service of the Living Tradition Preacher at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly, in Louisville, Kentucky. 


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