Our Mission is to affirm our 7th UU Principle of Respect for the Interdependent Web of All Existence of Which We Are a Part, by producing educational events and advocacy efforts focused on protecting all species of the earth.


Committee Chair:   Dolores Perez Heilbron



We host public educational events to promote the importance of maintaining the natural habitat for all wildlife, and to participate in activities promoting environmental preservation of our ecosystem and recognition of the current climate crisis in the world.  We publicize and promote efforts regarding more compassionate agricultural practices concerning animals produced for slaughter by exposing food production systems that are inhumane.  We often join with other environmental groups involved with protection of our local water, air and forests and other issues in conjunction with the national UUA Animal Ministry.


All persons interested in our goals are invited to join in our activities; however, UUSF Society membership is required for elected offices.  Contact us at: uuanimalministry@gmail.com


Meetings are called by the Chair as our plans/events necessitate on an ongoing basis.


  • Blessing of the Animals is normally held on or near the feast day of St. Francis of October 4 (held on a Sunday) each year.

  • Throughout the year, speakers on various animal and environmental issues speak at our Forum and other venues at UUSF.

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Sunday, October 9th - 1:00 to 2:00pm

Join us in this celebration with music, songs and speakers!

This service affirms respect for all life, reminding us that we are a part of the interdependent web of all existence. This ritual is in the tradition of Saint Francis of Assisi, namesake of our City, patron of animals and the environment.

Rev. Dr. John Buehrens will give a homily:

  "All Sentient Beings”

Bring your animal companions (or a photograph of them) and participate in this recognition of all the creatures of the earth!

Sponsored by Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry:  415-776-4580 & uuanimalministry@gmail.com