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Chair: Paul Kensinger

Phone: 415-467-9337


Contact Paul if you would like to stage a future art show at UUSF.

MAY 2 - JUNE 30

ART EP 3.jpg


New Art Works in the Kings' Gallery from May 2 to June 30!

Elaine writes: As I create these abstract works, meaning emerges. Sometimes the meaning takes a hard turn or a soft spin. I follow my creative lead until it clicks. The process is very immersive and meditative. I crave the complexity that arises from my technique: 30 or more of my photos and drawings, layered and masked in Photoshop, distorted, used for texture, color, and shape. My work is dreamlike—a world of shapes and colors to get lost in. I’m inspired by nature, science, energy, and emotions. I embrace the happy accident, letting the image evolve and communicate for me. The abstract arises, sometimes unbidden, from the concrete.

ART 3.jpg


New Art Works in the Kings' Gallery from March 10 to April 29!
The art reception is on Sunday, March 10 at 12:15 pm, King Rooms

From March 10 to April 29, the UUSF Art Committee is featuring the artist Charles Dabo. Mr. Dabo aims to create artwork that connects to his cultural heritage and encourages contemplation and interest in various aspects. He uses geometric shapes in abstract compositions to explore optical illusions and traditional wisdom. Charles work is characterized by vivid colors, stylized mythical animals, and geometric shapes associated with West African proverbs and legends. He has been a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area since 1989, and the people, events, and cultural diversity here have an impact on his work. In 2023, the Portola District Community commissioned Charles to paint murals in the Portola District titled "Portola Gardens" and "Mother Earth and a Community of Gardeners." The murals aim to address issues such as carelessness, individualism, and a lack of empathy and is located on the sidewall of “Hey Neighbor Cafe” at the cul-de-sac of Burrows street.

ART 2024.jpg


There will be an Art-making reception on Sunday, February 4, celebrating the lunar new year of the dragon!

​January 25 to March 4

Be surprised by this retrospective of colorful art work that has been shown at Davies Symphony Hall as part of the SFS Deck the Hall annual holiday tree. Easy-to-find materials become intriguing creations by children aged 5 to 12 years; this retrospective over several years shows each annual tree's unique multicultural themed and decorative crafts.

The Children's Multicultural Museum was founded in 1986 by art advocates at the UU. Before COVID, free workshops were held at various sites, and the annual UU show featured selections from monthly workshops and from the SFS holiday tree. During the shelter-in-place workshops and the in-round SFS holiday tree exhibit, the annual UU shows were pivoted to online at the UU art webpage and in person in MLK and TSK with the Origami for Peace and Art at Our Feet children's chalk drawings shows.

Art Committee member Andrei Glase is curator-in-charge of the Children's Multicultural Museum.

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Now displaying in the King Rooms until January 22, 2024

Joy-Lily finds quilting to be a satisfying blend of her training as a graphic artist and her love of sewing. Since her first quilt, she has created bold original designs, and since then, she has never made a quilt from anybody else’s pattern. Her book, Carefree Quilts, encourages creativity by rearranging her original block patterns.

Since starting to quilt in 1986, she has been teaching quilting and has exhibited her quilts in many quilt shows and art exhibits. Her quilt, My Octopus’s Garden, took a second-place ribbon for art quilts in this year’s San Francisco Quilt Guild Show. Her quilt is Help, Hope, and Hallejulah! A quilt about the 2008 election was exhibited in two museums and published in two books of quilts about President Obama.

Recently, she has been exploring Improvisational Quilting. Like the theater technique, she starts a quilt with a few prompts and no clear idea of the finished piece. The Joy is in the journey, like life.

Come meet Joy at the Holiday Fair this Sunday, December 3.



The TSK Room and MLK Room now feature stunning new artworks created by UUSF members and friends. On Sunday, November 19 at 12:30 PM, there will be a reception where you can meet the artists.


ART AUG 23.jpg


Jamie Erfurdt is our featured artist till September 26th

Jamie Erfurdt was born and raised in Colorado before moving to San Francisco to attend art school. She holds an MFA from the SF Art Institute as well as BFAs from the University of San Francisco and the Academy of Art. In 1981, she started teaching painting and holding small classes in her studio, and in the late 1980s, she launched a handprinted fabric business. In Berkeley, she owned an art gallery. Her work can be seen in museums and private collections all around the world. 

We will hold an art reception in the TSK and MLK Rooms on Saturday, September 23 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, where you can meet Jamie and view her artwork. Free drinks and snacks will be served.


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