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Chair: Paul Kensinger

Phone: 415-467-9337


Contact if you would like to stage a future art show at UUSF.

Art Show: Who We Are


Children's Sidewalk Chalk Drawings

photographed and curated by Andrei Glase, Children's Multicultural Museum

Andrei Glase is in charge of the Children's Multicultural Museum, which was founded in 1986 by UUSF art advocates for children. The goal is to provide traditional art and cultural experiences for children aged 5 to 12 and their parents.

Andrei's interest in sharing and inspiring art has been nurtured by the art she found on her daily walks during Covid shelter at home beginning March 2020. She photographed these anonymous drawings in the Arguello/Geary Street area of SF.

Come appreciate it much more in person! On Sunday, March 19, from 12:15 to 2pm, you are invited to a reception in the Kings Galleries (TSK and MLK rooms). Please bring finger food for the potluck! Meet the Curator and stroll around the sidewalk photographs!

Art Show: Welcome
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