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Fellowship and Faith
By and For People Ages 18 to 30s.

Contact: Emma Wakeling, Membership & Young Adult Manager


To grow an inclusive, diverse, and joyful young adult community that fosters faith, fellowship, and fun!


Young adulthood has a very defined start, but a nebulous ending. We use this loose age range, 18 to 30s, so that people can make their own decisions about identifying as a young adult.


The 20s and 30s Community is the young adult body at UUSF. Like all faith communities UUSF skews older. To transform this fact, UUSF funds a Young Adult Coordinator to grow and develop this part of our community. We put on programs so people can connect with their peers and get their spiritual needs met. We also support young adults throughout the congregation; we show up everywhere, from the choir to the board! Check out our webpage, newsletter, and Facebook group for the latest details.


We know newcomers are often looking for community, and the way community is found is through participation and patience. The place to start is by getting plugged-in to our communications, so you can find out about upcoming programming. We invite you to sign up for any of the following:



With a staff lead for the TNT Ministry in place since January 2024, we have been getting regular social activities back on track and gathering ideas for other programming. Currently, we meet twice a month. These range from cozy craft or board game nights, to attending free events around SF such as outdoor cinemas, and museums.

On the third Sunday of every month, we get lunch together after Sunday service. We meet at UUSF at 12:30pm and walk to a local cafe or restaurant to enjoy a meal together.  This is a nice way to meet new folks or spend time with firm friends. We are open to all who are 18–39, whether you are new to our community or a long-time member. We recommend bringing small bills or to be prepared to use a money transfer app of your choice. Come and join us!

Our other social activities happen at different times throughout the month, so connect with one or all of our communication platforms for updates and information, or contact Emma Wakeling:



UUSF is proud to host YARN, a global effort to rebuild the UU young adult network. YARN puts on numerous programs and ministries that you can take advantage of today. Learn more on their website.

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