PICT holds monthly rituals on the Saturday evening closest to the Full Moon, starting at 7:00pm.

Our mission is to create a place for Unitarian Universalist Pagans to practice our spirituality in community, and for those who are interested in Paganism and Unitarian Unviersalism to learn and worship with us.

Email if you want to participate.



For over 20 years the Pagan Interest Circle (PICT) of the First Unitarian  Universalist Church Society of San Francisco, a Chapter organization of  CUUPS, has been meeting for monthly Full Moon Rituals on the Saturday evening closest to the Full Moon, and for the solar pagan holidays of Winter Solstice and  Beltane. We are an open circle dedicated to providing ritual space for all respectful families and individuals of any age. Our policy requires that our rituals are clean and sober, drugs, alcohol, fragrance and animal free. Individuals who rely on an animal companion are welcome but will need to secure their animal away from the the ritual room/space.

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Saturday, January 15

More Details Coming Soon



Here is the 2022 Ritual schedule. For months September through December, dates are scheduled and published in September.If you would like to lead a ritual*, please contact Nancy Buffum at


January 15

February 19

March 19

April 16

May 1 - May Day Sunday 1:30 pm

May 14

June 11

July 16

August 13

PICT will hold some moon rituals for 2022 via Zoom and some in person, in consideration of both the PICT participants who are unable to attend services in person, and those who want to meet in person.  

PICT is a co-creating group: we welcome new priestesses and assistants! Tech assistance is available for Zoom rituals. UUSF church members assist with logistics for in-person rituals at the UUSF Center. Our intention is to alternate months Zoom or in person. If coordinator/s or priestess/es step forward to work together, hybrid (in person plus remote access) ritual may be possible-we currently do not have this capacity. 

If you would like to priestess, help coordinate or support a ritual, please contact to choose the dates. *Design of rituals is determined in large part by the priestess who takes the lead in a given month.



As Chapter organization of CUUPS, we ask for annual $20 membership dues collected each October at Samhain. All our Rituals are open to all; membership not required. Only members are allowed to vote on issues that may come before the group.

To learn more about CUUPS,

check out the FaceBook page "Covenant of Unitarian  Universalist Pagans- CUUPS".
Or, go to and read the CUUPS blog,  Nature's Sacred Journey: Celebrating UU-Paganism & Earth-Centered Experience.

Have any questions?  

Or, if you no longer wish to receive PICT announcements,

please contact Christine Patch-Lindsay. 

or Text Message to set up a time to talk. 415-424-6964.