Racial Justice Select Committee
Chair: Jayanti Chapot

Journey To Wholeness/ Racial Justice Select Committee is a Board Appointed committee charged to educate and promote racial justice efforts and working to dismantle white supremacy in our congregation and beyond. The committee coordinates and produces programs that serve this mission.

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February 16 at 7 pm

Building Power and Democracy. Two years ago, Unitarian Universalists committed to #VoteLove and #DefeatHate through expressing our values through electoral engagement in the 2020 election. Together with partners and our faith community we supported the largest voter turnout in U.S. history, through advancing our values in local primaries, helping communities register to vote, and reaching out to voters to support them in navigating the increasingly complex terrain of voter suppression. But what does it mean to build power for a multiracial democracy? Join UU the Vote and local partners and activists for discussion about how movements have articulated a vision and strategy for political agency and democracy. Let’s learn how this current phase of the battle for voting rights and electoral justice fits into the larger goal of democracy and collective liberation.
This features Nicole Pressley, formerly the National Organizer for UU the Vote, now serves as Field & Programs Director, and as a member of the Side With Love leadership team. In this role, Nicole supervises the team of field organizers, and creates opportunities for UUs to engage in leadership development, skill building, and collective action.