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Coordinator: Melvin Starks & Larry Danos



To provide informative and provocative films that speak to issues of social justice, serving UUSF and the community.


Every third Friday of each month from 6:30-8:30 pm.

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"Pelosi's Power", Friday, March 17, 6:30 pm, MLK Room / Zoom

Our film for March, as Women's History Month, is a tribute to Nancy Pelosi. As controversial leader on both sides of the aisle and most hated Democratic leader by the Right Wing, Nancy belongs to San Francisco. Despite her controversy, she gave the people a sense that things were in competent hands. Could anyone else have steered Congress through these turbulent political times? Please join us on this film experience, bring your own perspective and we'll have a discussion after the film screening.

Pelosi’s Power premiered on Frontline in March of 2022, about one year ago and very apropos that this film be screened to audiences at this time. This month is Women’s History Month and Ms Pelosi is transitioning, perhaps positioning herself to retire.

The film covers her career of over 30 years in the House through film clips and interviews with colleagues, staff and many others. It also features struggles within the Democratic Party and her effort to maintain control as Speaker of the House. 

 Despite whether we agreed with her politics or not, one must admit “Madam Speaker” was a real leader as the chief of the House. Politicians are debating as to whether she will retire after this term, but Nancy Pelosi will be a very difficult act for anyone to follow.

Pelosi’s Power was made by an experienced political chronicler, Michael Kirk, and his film team. He has produced many political documentaries, both with and for Frontline. 

Meeting ID: 937 7354 7229  Passcode: 283947

Sensible Cinema: About Us
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