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There are so many things about church that are increasingly rare and precious.  In church we are multi-generational, in a world of age silos.  You can find an honorary grandparent or hold someone’s baby (so the parent can have a coffee childfree at coffee hour), you can teach Religious Education and be reminded of a five-year-old’s perspective on the world or a seventeen-year-old’s. Newlywed’s can hear from couples who made it through twenty or fifty years of life and grew stronger at all the hard moments.  A thirty-something can bring soup to an elder recovering from a stroke. In a world where loneliness is a number one health (mental and physical) risk you find people to make a life with.  And, we also learn the discipline of being in community -- how to learn from one another, in all the ways we are different, and weather our differences with grace and courage to be stronger together.  Community isn’t easy or perfect or a Hallmark card but it is gorgeous and life-giving and necessary to a life well lived.  Find a group or gathering that fits you!

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