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Thanks to everyone who attended the Sunday Get Involved Fair!

Representatives of more than 15 church groups shared information with our congregation about what's going on in their group and what volunteer opportunities exist, and everyone attending enjoyed a delicious lunch while handing out treats to our trick-or-treaters.

If you're looking for an opportunity to volunteer, check out the "Get Involved" forms on this webpage (click here).

If you have an opportunity to post or would like to connect personally about what opportunities are available, email the Nominating Committee at

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Chair: Carrie Steere-Salazar - Email: Phone: (415) 710-0384

Nominating Committee: What We Do
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UUSF Nominating Committee – 2022-23

As its name suggests, the Nominating Committee nominates congregants to leadership roles on the UUSF Board of Trustees and the UUSF Nominating Committee. (Nominating Committee members are not eligible to serve on the Board of Trustees during their tenure on the Nominating Committee; neither are they eligible to be nominated by the Nominating Committee for any elective office other than membership on the Nominating Committee).  Nominations are solicited through consultation with the Board, UUSF Committee chairs, ministerial staff, interaction with congregants and self-nominations. In preparing a slate of candidates for the Society’s consideration, we look for a balance of skills, a record of volunteer effort, good will, and recognition of the UUSF covenant that “…love it the spirit of this church and service is its prayer.”

Slates of candidates for the Board and Nominating Committee are presented to the Members of the Society at least 60 days before the election (usually in June) to allow time for additional nominations to be made by petition in accordance with Article VII, Section B. To inform congregants about those proposed for leadership roles, the Nominating Committee publishes brief statements written by all candidates which include summaries of their relevant experience and statements of why they wish to serve. The biographies for the 2022-23 Nominating Committee members are below.

In recent years the Nominating Committee has expanded it thinking about leadership from just nominating people to such positions to supporting the development and sustainment of leadership. To support the development of leadership, we seek to match congregant skills and interests with various UUSF group and committee needs. To support the sustainment of leadership, we identify leadership development resources available to UU committees and groups. It takes a village. How do we develop and sustain ours?  We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Nominating Committee: About
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The Nominating Committee is pleased to present the slate of nominees for the 2023-2024 Board of Trustees and the next Nominating Committee. In accordance with the UUSF by-laws, the slate will be voted on at the annual meeting of the membership on June 4, 2023. Please click on the links below to read the biographies on the Nominees. 

We are grateful to our nominees for their willingness to serve in these leadership roles. While the Nominating Committee works hard to fulfill this vital role of nominations, remember we work throughout the year to build and support leadership at UUSF by connecting UUSF congregants with opportunities for service and connections.

Nominating Committee: About Us
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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees: The Board consists of nine members, five of whom are elected in "odd" years (2023) and four of whom are elected in "even" years. Board members are elected to two-year terms and may not serve more than six consecutive years. The nominees for this year are Lori Lai (incumbent); Linda Enger (incumbent); Megan Lehmer (incumbent); Sam King; and Galen Workman

Nominating Committee: Our Team

Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee: This Committee consists of seven members, four of whom are elected in "odd" years (2023) and three of whom are elected in "even" years. Nominating Committee members are elected to two-year terms and may not serve more than four consecutive years. The nominees for this year were Erica Murray (incumbent); Teresa Goebel (incumbent); Hanna Hart; and Robert Packenham.

Nominating Committee: Our Team

The 2023-24 members of the Nominating Committee include:

Carrie Steere-Salazar, Chair (read bio)

Gino Fortunato (read bio)

Teresa Goebel (read bio)

Nancy Hardies (read bio)

Erica Murray (read bio)

Hanna Hart (read bio)

Rob Packenham (read bio)

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UUSF relies on all of us to offer our time and ideas in order to build the Church that we all know and love!

To see a list of volunteer opportunities, classes, and ministries, visit the "Finding Your Ministry" form below.

For additional questions, or if you are interested in finding other ways to get involved at UUSF, feel free to contact the UUSF Nominating Committee at

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