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In Unitarian Universalism, we are not bound by a creed, we are bound by how we live in religious life together. Part of that is a shared belief that what we believe, what is most precious and important to us, should be read in our lives more than in any words. “Deeds not Creeds” is the shorthand.  And so living out our values in relationship to one another in our work as a community and in the world at large is part of what we encourage and invite out of one another.  It is not unusual for one person’s sense of outrage or calling in the world, offered up to others, to become central to a ministry we take up together for a while.  Moreover, although we know we cannot heal the world, not in our lifetimes, our job is to use our gifts, energy, hours to lift up and serve others, give voice to the voiceless, work for systemic change. “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice,” Martin Luther King, Jr. said, in words borrowed from Unitarian Preacher and abolitionist Theodore Parker. We believe the arc bends, but only when we, together, grab hold of it and draw it down to touch the earth.  Join us in that work.

Our community's monthly art show.

Regular Lectures and Presentations

UUSF encourages all to contribute to building the Church through volunteer opportunities, classes, and ministries.

Our Most Active Social Justice Group

Working to Feed Our City

Several programs that faciliator our peer-to-peer support systems.


Monthly Movies that speak to social justice issues.

Showcasing a diverse range of artistic talent reflecting their progressive vision.

Our yearly shelter program for unhoused men.

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