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Auction At New Date - September 18

The UUSF Auction, which was slated to take place later this month, is being rescheduled to take place in the Fall. We look forward to bringing you a bigger, better and more thrilling auction and party immediately after services on Sunday, Sept 18! Please mark your calendars now to celebrate with us and support UUSF as the new church year begins.

It is our hope that people who have already donated items will keep those items available for the rescheduled auctions, but please write to if there is a concern with your donation or if offering it is time-sensitive. We have also sold some tickets. Refunds can be made available if needed; contact However, if you want to beat inflation, just hang onto the ticket that you already bought! Who knows how much a ticket might cost in a few months?! 

We are looking forward to delivering this event with renewed energy and a festive community feeling in September.

If you have things you want to donate, if you want to be part of the event next fall, if you have any questions, please reach out to me, Sarah Ellerman, at

Blessings and thank you everyone. On behalf of the whole auction committee... See you on September 18th!