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The Aloha Ohana Auction is Only 3 Weeks Away!

Bidding for the online Auction began last Sunday (click here)! You will be sure to find something for everyone, and each bid you place helps UUSF's grow stronger. New donations continue to come in, so check here often! The online auction will continue until 2pm Sunday, October 15 during the Live Auction and Party.

Get your Auction tickets now. Our Luau team wants to know you are attending so they can plan yummy things to eat. An authentic Hawaiian luau takes days to prepare so the sooner we know you are coming the better. Note: at this family-friendly event, children 13 and under are free. Get your tickets online here, or in the gallery before and after services this Sunday.

Again, the Live Auction, Luau and Party will begin right after services on October 15. We look forward to seeing you there!

Co-chairs Gino Fortunato and Gregory Stevens ( or Secretary Cheryl Deaner (, 415-282-2200)

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Our special thank you goes to Suzie Thorn for her especially generous donation to our "Fund A Need" Campaign for a new ministerial intern in 2023.

An auction is nothing without its donors. A total of 71 UUSF members and friends donated their trips, treasures and events to our live and silent auctions this year. Because of their generosity, $48,000 was raised for the work of this church, with $22,100 Fund-a-Need dollars earmarked for next year's ministerial intern. So when you see these people please thank them!

Amy Kelly and Maric Munn

Ann Megan Rovere

Barbara Conahan and Scott Miller

Barbara Delaney

Barbara Grob

Bari Cornet

Betsy and Jack Darr

Bickly Simpson

Christine Valentine

Diana Saylor and Tom Brookshire

Don Shearer

Elaine Pratt

Elizabeth Strand

Erica Murray

Gayle Reynolds and Keith Hollon

Gino Fortunato

Hanna Clements-Hart

Helen Raiser

Howard and Jan Oringer

Irene Westler

Jayanti Chapot

Joan Diblin

Joe Dellert

John and Gwen Buehrens

Jonah Berquist

Jonathan Silk and Latifa Popal

Jordan Ong

Judith Stoddard

Judy Strachan

Julia Wald

Kat Liu

Laura and Richard Davis

Laura Ludwig

Rev. Laura Shennum and Don Shennum

Laurel Sprigg

Laurence Pulgram and Kelli Murray

Linda Enger

Linda Harris and Marty Vanderlaan

Beth Pewther

Lori Lai & Shulee Ong

Louise Diskerud

Rev. Margot Campbell Gross

Mary Castiglia

Mary Jane Mikuriya 

Matt Anderson and Luanne Schulte

Bruno Herren and Peter Sechar

Matthew Anderson

Megan Lehmer

Milo Hanke

Oriana Jooss Moren

Harry and Mirjam Moren

Paul Kensinger

Rev. Millie Phillips

Bob Bacon

Sam King

Shotgun Players

Stephanie and Steven Gowin

Sue Anthony

Thad and Lucy Smith

Tilly Roche Clark

UUSF Board of Trustees

Rev. Vanessa Rush Southern

On behalf of the Auction Committee, thank you – you're so greatly appreciated.

Cheryl Deaner and Gino Fortunato

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UUSF's 2022 Auction and Party

View a Slide Show from This Amazing Day!

Sunday October 16th's Homecoming Auction and Party was a resounding success that made our church healthier and wealthier. In next week's Flame we will thank our item donors, but this week our focus is on the staff and volunteers who made it such a great day. First, we thank Rev. Vanessa Rush Southern and Rev. Laura Shennum and for their leadership. Also, we could not have done it without the support of Susana Bernahola, Joe Chapot, Laura Ludwig, Jonathan Silk, Dan Barnard, Roberto Dela’o, Remigio Flood, Kelvin Jones and Judy Strachan.  We thank Suzie Thorn for her generous anchor gift to kick off the funding of next year's intern. And we thank our Board of Trustees and Stewardship Committee for their long-standing support.

Kudos also go to our fabulous auctioneer Gary Lorentzen and his bid spotter Chelsea Hung. Delicious tailgate food and beverages were provided by Sue Anthony and Thomas Brown, who was assisted by Kelvin Jones. Richard Davis created a joyful, colorful priceless homecoming décor. Judy Nichols, John Meliska, Lori Guidos and Maric Munn worked diligently throughout the event to register a bumper crowd of attendees while Kathi Malone and Mary Castiglia made everyone feel welcome.

Joan Rost hosted the lively online auction until 2pm! Thad Smith offered fine wine prizes from his collection at the Poker Raffle table, with the assistance of Linda Enger and Louise Diskerud.  Debbie Wu's specialty cocktail was a hit - as were our cheerful bartenders Barbara and Lany Delaney, Mary Jane Mikuriya and David King.  Theda Burke captained an elegant Arts and Crafts table along with Judith Stoddard and Marina Delfino. Galen Workman was our expert photographer.  Davia Ferree was our roaming face painter. Jordon Ong, John Meliska, Sara Ferree, Veronica Masterson and Dennis Adams as Poindexter hosted fun for the youngest attendees.

Our hard-working set up and take down crew included Nancy Noah-Bear, Katie Anthony, Maddie Fernandez, Ann Rovere, Carol Davison (among others – let us know who you were). Our tireless Sunday tablers included Julia Wald, Meghan Lehmer, Jenefer Hutchins and Bick Simpson. Also, a special thanks to Sarah Ellerman for rekindling our live auction format earlier this year.

Desserts were fabulous! David Lehmer, Lucy Smith, Barbara Conahan, Amy Kelly, Dianne Pekarek, Lori Lai, Asani Seawell, Judy Payne, Liz Strand, Robin Larson, Linda Enger, Nancy Noah-Bear, Katie Anthony, Debbie Wu and Suzy Bernahola were among whose gifts offered us the sweet taste of success. Yet more offerings showed up like magic on the dessert table, so if we haven't mentioned yours, please, please let us know!

And finally, to all of you who attended – it was you who Homecoming such a memorable event, and we extend our greatest gratitude and best wishes.

Cheryl Deaner and Gino Fortunato,

Auction Co-chairs.

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Scan the QR Code and buy your tickets online or click here.

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