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Goal: $750,000

Co-Chairs: Sherry & Jack Delo

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Dear Beloved,

Something is humming at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco! Can you hear it? Can you feel it? It’s coming from a big circle: of members, of visitors, of our ever-growing YouTube audience, and of new and old attendees.

That HUM is this: UU’ve Got a Friend In We. 

As a Beloved Community, we stand in an important place as we welcome more and more people through our doors—people who are:

  • Varied in age

  • Racially diverse

  • Varied in gender identity and sexual orientation

  • Diverse in life and spiritual experience

So, as we enter a new financial year, we have work to do.  But, as George Harrison sang to us, “It’s gonna take money, a whole lotta spending money… to do it right.”  This year, “to do it right,” we need to raise $750,000 as we actively work for:

  • Social, environmental, and reproductive justice

  • A just democracy 

  • Personal and intellectual growth

  • Making the world a better place

We pool our money so we can:

  • Pay the outstanding ministers and staff who lead us

  • Host religious education programs for children

  • Reward the musicians and singers who inspire us

  • Maintain, improve, and repair this historic church building where we meet to learn and celebrate

  • Support UUSF’s neighborhood through the Winter Shelter, Faithful Fools, and the  weekly Interfaith Food Bank

  • Sustain each other and lend a helping hand for special needs within our beloved community.

As the HUMMMMM builds, we have the opportunity to embrace and expand what it means when we say “UU’ve Got a Friend in We.” This is where we all connect, where we are seen and heard, and how we find meaning as we hold each other dearly. 

As you consider and make your pledge for 2024-25, remember that all of us—members, visitors, viewers, and longtime attendees—have the privilege and the responsibility to make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others.  Show your love.  Let’s do it right!

We are grateful for your contribution.

Sherry & Jack Delo, Co-Chairs

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