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Dangerous Truths: Meet the Team


Episode 7: California, a Slave State with Jean Pfaelzer.

Jean Pfaelzer is a commentator, historian, and professor of American studies at the University of Delaware. A life-long Californian, she has written extensively for popular and academic audiences on the state’s origins and has authored many books on 19th Century American studies, especially about California.

Her most recent book, California, A Slave State, upends our understanding of slavery as a North-South struggle. In deep research across three centuries, vivid storytelling and interviews, she documents that our state’s beginnings and sunny utopian prosperity have a history of brutal multiracial bondage, resistance, and servitude that persists today. As other states are banning the teaching of our true history in schools and academia, her work stands out as a beacon of light and hope for the future. Join us for this powerful presentation and a most interesting discussion!

You can phone in at +1 669 900 6833. Meeting ID: 981 0785 5084, Passcode: 752327.



Episode 6: "The U.S. War with Mexico, Manifest Destiny and the Rise of the U.S. Empire" With Amy S. Greenberg, George Winfree Professor of American History


JUNE 2022

Episode 5: "Native America And Manifest Destiny" with Professor Robert J. Miller


MAY 2022

Episode 4: "The Hidden History of the American Revolution" with Professor Woody Holton


APRIL 2022

Episode 3: "Frederick Douglass And Other Black Transcendentalists" with Rev. Dr. John Buehrens


MARCH 2022

The March 2022 edition of Dangerous Truths will use Nikole Hannah-Jones Pulitzer Prize-winning "The 1619 Project" which appeared in the New York Times Magazine.


The first session of Dangerous Truths featured two speakers:

  1. Paul Magid spoke on the Doctrine of Discovery

  2. Professor Angela Robinson spoke about Critical Race Theory

  3. Link to recording and reading list


The 1619 Project

Nikole Hannah-Jones was awarded the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary for The 1619 Project which appeared in the New York Times Magazine. This dramatic expansion of our history was a groundbreaking work of journalism, and was a profoundly revealing vision of the American past and present.

Dr. James Taylor, Professor of Political Science and African American and Critical Diversity Studies at the University of San Francisco, will speak on aspects of this important work and our changing views of history.


Bibliography and Reading Links Below

Doctrine of Discovery

  • Paul Magid's Doctrine of Discovery Site (click here)

Critical Race Theory

  • ​Dr. Angela Robinson’s diversity consulting (click here)

  • Time Magazine: “Critical Race Theory Is Simply the Latest Bogeyman” (click here)

  • New York Times: “What is Critical Race Theory” (click here)

  • PEN America: “Steep Rise in Gag Orders, Many Sloppily Drafted” (click here)

  • Washington Post: "Behind the latest GOP restrictions on race teaching: A hidden, Toxic Goal" (click here)

  • Youtube: Harris Lecture by Mari Matsuda on Critical Race Theory (click here)

  • Xin Sheng Project: “Critical Race Theory is not Anti-Asian” (click here)

  • Medium: “13 Questions for Those Who Want to Ban Critical Race Theory” (click here)

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